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Lightning Bitcoin (LBTC) is a fully decentralized Internet-of-value protocol for global payments. The specific applications include peer-to-peer transactions and exchange platforms. Any users that operate on the LBTC protocol can enjoy instant, secure and nearly free global financial transactions of any size.

Lightning Bitcoin’s on-chain governance system enables LBTC holders to vote for the blockchain improvement proposals and the delegates who maintain the network as Lightning Nodes. It solves the problems of centralization of bitcoin by incorporating all participants in the Lightning Bitcoin ecosystem into the decision-making process.



On-chain governance system incorporates all holders within the LBTC blockchain network into the decision-making process.


DPoS allows LBTC coin holders to choose 101 lightning nodes to validate transactions, promoting greater decentralization.


DPoS provides a high level of scalability at the cost of limiting the number of validators on the LBTC blockchain network.


Payments using LBTC protocol get confirmed in seconds.


The transaction fees could be as low as 0.00001 LBTC per transaction.


Built on the backbone of Bitcoin’s infrastructure, which has a nine-year track record of stable network.

The Lightning Bitcoin Roadmap

LBTC is heading for a true peer-to-peer electronic cash system. To achieve this very original intention from the bitcoin whitepaper by Satoshi Nakamoto, we are building in every respect a more reliable and feasible protocol with better user experience.





Technology Framework

  • Adjustment of upper limit and data format for the OP_RETURN OpCode.

  • Enhancement for the Hash algorithm of LBTC transaction signatures.

  • Enhancement of Address Balance Generation and corresponding cache structure.

  • Native build-in function protocol base on the OP_RETURN OpCode.

  • Development of delegate registration and on-chain voting protocol.

  • Customized Token Issuing, trading and locking/unlocking function.

  • Transaction privacy features.

User Experience

  • Support for built-in multi-sig function for payment transaction.

  • Improved user proposal submission function within multi-channel.

  • iOS Lite Wallet development and enhancement.

  • Optimization of transaction confirmation mechanism in payment activity.

  • Support for on-chain governance operation in full-node wallet and lite wallet.

  • Establishment of LBTC On-Chain Governance Council.

  • Enhancement and parameters adjustment for the node voting process.

Lightning Bitcoin Protocol Complete


Light Wallet

Windows 64bit (v0.1.1)

Update date:2018.10.19

Light Wallet

MD5: f5df4a51a08454b63b80317f031ef858


Safe, Convenient and Easy-to-use Support private key importing

Full Node Wallet

Linux 64bit (v2.0.1)

Update date:2018.10.19


MD5: 8b183b15270c12143c6a9a9d02389d96


MD5: ab77fa0267cf3e0ef7c7423177d6fdc4

Installation Guide

More Professional, Safe and Reliable Must store a full copy of the blockchain

Android Wallet "Sardinia"

Android (v1.0.5)

Update date:2019.09.12


MyLBTC download QR code

MD5: 0fb89a894bd1fc9a804206e8ce447d9d

User Guide

On-chain Wallet & Private Key Support & Community Governance

iOS Wallet

iOS (v1.0.5)

Update date:2019.09.12


MyLBTC download QR code

User Guide

On-chain Wallet & Private Key Support & Community Governance